IvAp Install in P3Dv4 (revised)

How to install IvAp in Prepar3Dv4 (revised)

You need the following files:

  • File #1:: FSUIPC5.dll (Download FSUIPC5100.rar [or better] from our download area – folder FSUIPC)
  • File #2:: SimConnect.msi {C67A3A1B-F52B-42CC-85E8-231428A09312} >>
    this file is in your P3Dv4 folder x:\P3D4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\
  • File #3:: the usual file from IVAO >> ivap-v2.0.2-b2773.exe

Assuming you created a specific disk or installation folder for P3Dv4… say X:/P3Dv4/

  1. Install File #1:: FSUIPC5 (non licensed works) and check the … \Modules folder
  2. Install File #2:: SimConnect.msi (right mouse as administrator)
  3. Create a copy of the file Prepa3D.exe as in the root of your installation folder
  4. Rename this copy to fsx.exe
  5. Install File #3:: Right mouse click the file ivap-v2.0.2-b2773.exe and install as normal as administrator in the root of your P3D4 installation disk
    1. [so not inside … \P3Dv4\…not in ..\Program Files  (x86)]
    2. Exit the MTL process and/or the TeamSpeak process when these are already installed.
    3. Transponder: the transponder codes can only be set in standby position. Don’t forget to check in IvAp v2 – Configuration enable IvAp <-> FSUIPC SDK in the section 3rd Party Tools.
  6.  Adding the IVAO_MTL entry in simobjects.cfg
    1. Open the file  simobjects.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
    2. Add this text:
      Title=IVAO MTL
    3. Save the file and check the presence of the folder in SimObjects
  7. Starting IvAp:: Now press your Windows key and go to  the folder IVAO\
  8. Select the icon IvAp v2 – External | More and Run as administrator.
    1. 2nd (better) option: right mouse click the icon IvAp v2 – External and Add to Start, then open file location, select properties and check in the compatibility tab Run as administrator.
  9. After making CONNection and submiting your flightplan (ACARS-SEND FLIGHTPLAN) you will be visible in Webeye. Your flight results will be registered in the IVAO database.

User Issues

Weather: strange effects?
Disable the weather engine in the IvAp Configuration panel, section Weather.

MTL: during the flights you will see the other aircraft as well as other pilots will see you, as long as both ends fly P3D4.
You will see only “lights” or ” black textures” from those aircraft that are not developed in a 64 bits version.


IvAc ATC Client Set Up

Deze maand gaan we wat extra aandacht besteden aan IVAO. Deze pagina gaat over hoe je de IvAo virtual ATC Cliënt installeert en welke plaatjes je voorbij ziet komen.

(Om met IvAo te werken, moet je wel een IVAO- account hebben).

  • Download allereerst het bestand ivac-v1.2.4-b225.zip en unzip dit.
  • Je krijgt een executable met dezelfde naam en om te installeren, klik je rechts en installeer je als Administrator.
  • Volg de plaatjes en kijk goed bij de laatste…
  • We gaan er van uit dat je TeamSpeak2 al geïnstalleerd hebt.












Voordat je op Finish drukt, weet dan dat je de IVAO Beginners Manual eenmalig ziet. Deze IVAO Beginners Manual tutorial toont je de Controller First Steps en is daarna nogmaals te lezen met deze link: https://www.ivao.aero/training/first_steps/atc.asp